October 2015

Hashtags (how many?) and Engagement

Have you noticed hashtags are now appearing on Facebook?  At this point it isn’t an integral part of Facebook and there is no need to start adding it to your business posts.  In fact, it has a slight ick factor with some Facebook users as it is not the norm.  But, what about the other social media platforms?

Its pretty simple thankfully when it comes to how many hashtags to use for optimum engagement on Twitter and Instagram.  In terms of hashtag use on Tumblr, we’ll also talk about that.Continue Reading..

The truth about image size – Facebook

Facebook suggests some things in order to have the best quality images on Facebook.  But the fact remains that Facebook still compresses images.  In order to have the best images you can, it is wise to follow some rules.

These are Facebooks recommendations to get your photos and images to display in the highest possible quality?

  • Resize your photo to one of the following supported sizes:

    Regular photos: 720px, 960px, 2048px (width)
    Cover photos: 851px by 315px
  • If you use a 2048px photo, make sure to select the High Quality option when you upload it

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How much will it cost?

With a whole range of web design options available today, it might be hard to wade through the mine field of what to choose and how much it will cost you.

Here is your simple guide to the options on price scale and what you will generally get and achieve from your budget.  It’s not a hard and fast rule of what businesses will charge you, but certainly will get you to think about what you want to achieve for your business online.


Free Web sites

It’s no secret, there are many options to get you a web site for free.  But what does this mean for your business.

  • Ads on your web site: Many free site providers will put their branding on your web site.
  • They offer limited choices in customising the web site and you can’t employ others to do it for you, as there isn’t access
  • You don’t have control over your hosting, where your server is located or the speed of your hosting
  • There are often hidden fees for commerce solutions or using your own domain name.  Check these details before committing.
  • Can be good for someone starting out who just needs something quick on the web, but beware of the fact that some visitors to your website may consider your site unprofessional which affects their impression of you.


Low cost web sites – $300-$1000

Friends or web designers starting out can be well meaning, and offer you a site at a low cost.

  • What you need to balance up is their experience and whether they can achieve the result you want.  Is it worth trying an amateur web designer at the risk that it might not work?  It may well be worth it, but it is a gamble.
  • Will they know enough to set you up for successful search marketing?
  • Will they know the right technologies to use to achieve your desired outcomes?
  • Will they be setting it up so you can edit the site?
  • Always check out your designers portfolio.


Mid range pricing $1500 – $5000

Okay, so these are your professionally created bottom of the range (pricing wise) web sites. At the $1500 mark you will get a basic web site but should look professional.  Again, check your prospective designers portfolio so you’ll have a good idea of what you will get.

  • At this price range you will likely get an out of the box content management system like WordPress or Joomla.
  • At the bottom end of this pricing you will get an existing theme and basic customisation.  e.g. colours changed and logo added
  • The price range here generally depends on what theme you like, how much you want it customised and what bells and whistles you want added on.
  • You should get a web designer who has more than a basic knowledge of web languages.
  • Your web site will be tested and integrated with search marketing, social media marketing, and it should be properly secured.


$5000 plus

Generally at over $5000 you would expect to get a custom designed website.   Many designers use Photoshop to create a one off design and will likely incorporate some kind of content management system.  We have done this ourselves with our own content management system – SimpleCMS.

  • You’ll have something that has been specifically designed for your businesses needs.
  • The code will be as clean as it possibly can be which can only help with your search results.
  • While WordPress themes are ultimately customisable, a custom design means you won’t have to settle with good enough or close enough for the features and look of your site
  • Also, WordPress themes can occasionally have their code quirks.  No biggie, usually but if you don’t want to have to go back tot he designer and get some table padding sorted out, you might want to choose a custom design.


Extras $$$

Of course if you require a custom developed shopping cart system, member management, secure communication system, or some innovative idea you have dreamed up then this will add on to your price.

Special Note:  Check with your web designer what they mean by ‘Custom Designed’.  Some designers consider a customised WordPress theme, to be  custom design.  That is fine, but it’s important to compare apples with apples.


Optimal post length for engagement?

Something we look at fairly regularly are things like character or word length and what is optimal for Search Engine Optimisation.  That is, what is best for getting google and other search engines to notice your content.

But what is also important is Engagement.  Particularly when it comes to your Social Media presence and marketing.  so here is a helpful chart to guide you in how many characters or words will get you noticed.  This could be by way of comments, likes, shares or weblogs, but also clicks back through to your web site from sociamedia.

Want to know the optimal video length is for say You Tube, thats also here.

Image courtesy of the Buffer blog.